Dan Hathaway's Projects

Computer Games:

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Fractal Block World Space game inside a fractal!
Block Arena FPS game with blocks
3D-Minesweeper Fly around 3D space left/right clicking on blocks

Professional Life (teaching and math research)

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Teaching My Teaching
Research Interests My Research Interests
Publications Publications (have pdfs)
Preprints Preprints (on arXiv.org)
Notes and Other Not on arXiv.org.

Programming Projects:

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Block Engine An engine for "Block Based" 3D FPS games (ex. Infinifrag/Infiniminer)
Fractal Block Engine The engine behind the game "Fractal Block World"
FPSGameCode Various code / techniques for a FPS game
Shut The Box Winning strategy for a version of the dice game "Shut The Box"
Raytracing Combining raytracing with (lazy) procedural generation of scenes
Miscellaneous Assorted programming and computer science stuff.

Useful Scripts:

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Makefile Maker Script to create makefile for a simple C++ project
Quiz Dropper Script to drop the two lowest quiz grades of students in a class
Line Width Checker Checks the width of lines in source code files
Tab Replacer Replaces tab characters with 4 spaces in source code files
Character Purifier Replaces tab characters with 4 spaces and removes '\r' characters
SDL GL Wrapper Code Gen Script to generate C++ code to call SDL_GL_GetProcAddress in a specific way


Block/Quad Algorithm One of the fundamental algorithms for rendering "Block Worlds"
Pixel Shifting Recycling pixels on the screen using raytracing to fill in holes

Old Math Notes:

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Incompleteness Notes describing the Incompleteness Theorems (still a work in progress)
Linear Algebra Notes from a Linear Algebra class
Real Analysis Notes from a Real Analysis class
Why Quines Exist A powerpoint explaining why Quines (programs that output their own sourcecode) exist
Cup Products Final project (about Cup Products as developed in Hatcher) for an algebraic topology class

Old Math:

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Continuity Induction An alternative approach to basic analysis proofs (College Mathematics Journal, Feb 2011)
Bizzare Proofs Strange proofs for various theorems

Physical Projects:

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Sand Castles Some sand clastles I made over the years with friends and family


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Duct Tape Mural A majestic scene of a dragon attacking a boat, done in the duct tape medium
Movie Collection A list of movies my parents and myself have so we don't keep buying the same ones
Program List A list of my favorite computer programs

Friends on the Web:

Zach Barth
Keith Holman
Tegan Pollak