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Download 3D-Minesweeper (Windows Binary)

Extract the zip file, double click mine3D.exe, press "Tab" for help, and enjoy!
Change parameters in "game_parameters.txt" to customize gameplay.

How To Play

The help screen summarizes the essential rules of the game:

Notice how all 26 (3^3-1) surrounding locations to a spot are used to determine the "mine count".


My feeling is that the "standard" game settings should be a 6 by 6 by 6 board with a 10% mine density.
These are the default parameters that come with the downloaded game.
Here is a typical first move with such settings:

Initially, the game seems unwieldy and impossibly difficult. After a bit of practice, however, the game becomes essentially easier than 2D minesweeper. One almost never needs to make a "guess" when playing: if anything, there is an overabundance of information that can be used. The game is fun because it involves mentally tracking logical clues in 3D space. For beginners who are not use to thinking about adjacency in 3D, I recommend a 10x10x10 board with a 4% mine density. A larger map with a 4% mine density would look something like the following


The way to be Epic with this game is to be able to solve complicated medium-sized boards quickly. My best time for solving a 6x6x6 board with a 10% mine density is 68.7 seconds (beat it!). Solving extremely large boards becomes frustrating because one will inevitably make a silly mistake. Perhaps a way to have large boards and still have the game be fun would be to make a multiplayer mode in which multiple players work on solving the same board and any player who hits a mine can no longer help and must be a spectator only.