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Download Fractal Block World Demo (Windows Binary)

Extract the zip file, go to Bin/Windows and run FBW.exe.

Download the full version from Steam (to come soon)!



When I was an undergrad at RPI, I had the pleasure of knowing Zach Barth. We worked together and got half way through creating this game called "Infinifrag", which was a block based game with guns. The scope of the game was too large. When he graduated, he scrapped his code and created the more focused "Infiniminer". This went on to inspire the well-known "Minecraft". I, however, continued to make a block based game with guns called "Block Arena". However, that project was too ambitious and I started the side project "Fractal Block World" using some code from Block Arena. So the game "Fractal Block World" has been a long time coming!