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This is a surreal exploration game. You move through the world by flying. A key aspect of the way exploration works is there are locations where you can shrink or get larger. You can easily shrink 100 times to become extremely small. You start the game in a forest area where you can shrink to explore the trees. Once you figure out how to leave this place, the world opens up into many procedurally generated interconnected areas. Where to go is up to you, and there are many trophies and much gold you can collect throughout the world. But your main quest is to rescue your friend by finding an Inner Core. This requires finding the path that leads deep into inner space. Along the way you will encounter mazes, scavenger hunts, and hoards of monsters. You will want a pencil and paper to map out the world. You will find treasure to improve your 10 weapons allowing you to fight monsters and explore harder and harder regions. We periodically add new areas to the world.



When I was an undergrad at RPI, I had the pleasure of knowing Zach Barth. We worked together and got half way through creating the game called "Infinifrag 2", which was a block based game with guns. The scope of the game was too large. When he graduated, he scrapped his code and created the more focused "Infiniminer". This went on to inspire the well-known "Minecraft". I, however, continued to make a block based game with guns called "Block Arena". However, that project was too ambitious and I started the side project "Fractal Block World" using some code from Block Arena. So the game "Fractal Block World" has been a long time coming!