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Most Recent General Documents

While playing a game, you can open the console by pressing ~. Here is documentation for the commands that can be run:
Console Commands.

To modify your experience of the game and to tweek the engine, you can modify environment variables. Here is a list of all environment variables and what they do:
Environment Variables.

You can create your own world! To do so, copy the Blank package in the Data/Packages directory, and rename it to something like ``MyWorldPackage''. Then read the Creation Manual to learn how to modify your package to create a world. Here is the most recent Creation Manual:
Creation Manual.

Older Versions

FBW Version 0.93.0 -- Feb 2021.

FBW Version 0.92.0 -- Dec 2020.

FBW Version 0.91.0 -- Feb 2020.

FBW Version 0.90.0 -- Before 2018.