Dan Hathaway's Published Papers

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For almost all of these, versions almost identical to the published one should be on arXiv.org.
I have also provided the pdfs for most of these on this website.


  1. Sacks forcing and the shrink wrapping property.
    With Osvaldo Guzman Gonzales.
    Fund Math. 248 (2020), no 1, pp 33-47.

  2. Ramsey theory on generalized Baire space.
    Topology and its applications. 235 (2018), pp 104-112.

  3. The Halpern-Lauchli theorem at a measurable cardinal.
    With Natasha Dobrinen.
    Journal of Symbolic Logic. 82 (2017) pp 1560-1575.

  4. Disjoint Borel Functions.
    Annals of Pure and Applied Logic. 168, no 8 (2017), pp 1552-1563.

  5. Weak distributivity implying distributivity.
    Journal of Symbolic Logic. 81 (2016), pp 711-717.

  6. Combinatorics of reductions between equivalence relations.
    With Scott Schneider.
    Discrete Mathematics. 338, no. 11 (2015), pp 2089-2094.

  7. A simple C*-algebra with finite nuclear dimension which is not Z-stable.
    With Ilijas Farah, Takeshi Katsura, and Aaron Tikuisis
    Munster Journal of Mathematics. 7, no. 2 (2014), pp 515-528.
    Abstract, arXiv .

  8. Continuity Induction.
    College Mathematics Journal. May 2010.