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Coronavirus Backup Measures

Due to the Coronavirus, I am teaching my classes remotely. If you are one of my students, please check Blackboard daily for announcements. Each announcement corresponding to a class day will say what pages of my course notes you should read (remember all my course notes are on a single pdf on Blackboard). I am also posting links in these announcements to videos I have made, which are me talking through the notes and also talking about pictures I made related to the notes.

Some students have reported these video links not working (their browser's video player encounters an error while playing the embedded video). So, if you are one of these students that cannot play the embedded videos, please visit this webpage and download the approciate .mp4 file to your harddrive. I then recommend you playing the videos using the VLC program (you can use another program if you want).

If you left click on the videos below they will open in the browser as embedded. However, if you right click on them (on Google Chrome) and select "save link as", then you can save the mp4 file to your harddrive.

Chapter 13

Chap 13.mp4

Chapter 14

Chap 14 Part 1.mp4

Chap 14 Part 2.mp4